SToRMS’ Mission is to reduce young male suicides by:

1) Facilitating widespread open discussions about suicide

2) Promoting mental well-being and emotional resilience from an early age

3) Challenging gender stereotypes that prevent men from accessing help,

4) Highlighting the relationship between alcohol and mental wellbeing.

As a small organisation our initial focus is to deliver sessions in local schools for teachers, pupils or parents, concentrating on these key areas. By our work we hope to encourage a school-wide approach  to supporting the mental wellbeing in every pupil/teacher interaction.

To date we have supported suicide prevention and mental wellbeing sessions for Year 10, 12 and 13 students in some local Sheffield schools. We have also secured input for parents of Infant, Junior and Senior school pupils around the key areas of emotional literacy, anger management, self esteem, and how to help your child cope with the stress of exams.

We have recently started working with representatives of the local CAMHS service to identify how our input can complement the work being done by the Healthy Minds school pilot and, ideally, how this can be sustainably embedded into the school culture going forward. As part of this we are working with the local Multi Agency Support Teams, faciltating and promoting sessions available to all parents at key pressure points in a child’s school life, particularly when transitioning to other schools and prior to exams.

We are working with N2C to produce an interactive theatre performance for Y10/Y11 pupils, getting across key messages about mental health, peer support and suicide awareness. Initially this will be made available to a small number of Sheffield Secondary Schools. Ways to make this accessible to a wider audience will be examined as part of the development work.

Our work with the Sheffield Suicide Prevention Strategy Group focuses mainly on promoting universal, upstream strategies to help build community-wide support networks and protective factors.

As part of this we are working with local experts to develop a short, accessible and highly interactive workshop to help teach the general public how to recognise when someone is struggling, confidently #AskListenSupport and know how to get help. Our first sessions will be delivered to groups of barbers.

We are also starting to work with universities to understand current suicide prevention input and how students are currently supported.

We are also contributing to the Suicide Prevention learning initiatives for GPs. In addition to  giving a personal perspective of suicide, a workshop delivered in combination with CHILYPEP and Interchange discussed ways to make best use of the 10 minute appointment and presented young service users’ feedback of GP services.

Other things in the pipeline include some of our personal trainer volunteers working alongside football coaches subtly promoting Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition and the culture that it’s good to talk.

We welcome requests for support from all Sheffield schools. Should the requests need to be prioritised  these will be assessed against the aims outlined above and the likely impact/reach of the input requested.

If you want to find out more, please get in touch via

Watch this space for further updates about our workshops in Sheffield.