Mental Health – Young People

“How many teachers does it take to change a lightbulb¬† ?” Key words, prevalence, facts, Peer support.

“Young men’s mental health”- Key words- facts, told by young men

“We all have problems” Key words- young people, talk, normal.

“How are you feeling” Key words, colleague, Fear, discomfort.

“5 Tips on how to start a conversation about mental health.” Key words- talk, start, ideas

“How to spot signs of mental ill health.” Key words- facts, anxiety, depression, bipolar, schiztophrenia, OCD.

Suicide Prevention

“Student suicide – real stories” Key words- university, anyone, silence. life and soul, loss– Key words- real stories, free training, conversation

Be here tomorrow. Key words- Logan Paul, Kevin Hines. Misunderstandings, awareness, “I jumped off Golden Gate Bridge”. Reach out